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“North America may lose its e-commerce crown this year”

“An eMarketer report says web consumers in Asia-Pacific will spend more than their peers in North America. Globally, e-commerce will increase 20% this year to $1.5 billion.” Read Full Article >


“Chinese manufacturers aim to increase direct sales to Western online shoppers”

“New ‘manufacturer-to-consumer’ e-commerce is growing steadily, as Chinese factories seek to make up for softening domestic demand in China. A new industrial park opened last week in a major e-commerce center that’s designed to facilitate cross-border e-commerce.” Read Full Article >

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“Apple CEO says China will be its biggest market”

“Though the U.S. is still Apple’s largest market, CEO Tim Cook is sure that won’t last. During his much-discussed trip to China, he said that he sees China eventually becoming the largest market for its products.” Read Full Article >

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“In Shift of Jobs, Apple Will Make Some Macs in U.S.”

“Apple plans to join a small but growing number of companies that are bringing some manufacturing jobs back to the United States, drawn by the growing economic and political advantages of producing in their home market.” Read Full Article >

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“China’s disabled enjoy e-commerce boom”

“More and more physically disabled people in China have found ways to join the country’s ‘get rich’ rush, which could have left them behind if not for the Internet. According to sources with Taobao, the country’s largest e-commerce platform, more than 30,000 disabled people across the country are managing online stores at Taobao.com.” Read Full Article >

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“Chinese Web Search Giant Baidu Sees $677 Million In Q1 Revenue, Up 75% Year-Over-Year”

“Baidu, China’s leading web search company today issued its quarterly earnings report for the first three months of 2012. The company made $677 million in top-line revenue, up 75 percent from the revenue it posted in the first quarter of 2011. Baidu performed just as strongly at the bottom line as well, posting a net income of $299 million, up 75.9 percent year-over-year. In case you need some context for that: Google reported revenues of $10.65 billion and net income of $2.89 billion for the first quarter of 2012; Facebook’s Q1 revenue was a bit over $1 billion.” Read Full Article >

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“Chinese e-retail sales set to triple to $360 billion in 2015″

“E-retail sales in China will hit $360 billion in 2015, triple the spending now, according to a new projection from The Boston Consulting Group. The research firm says that e-commerce will account for nearly 10% of retail sales in China by or shortly after 2015.” Read Full Article >

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“Brazil and China: Emerging online retail powerhouses”

“Take a guess: Which are the five largest markets today in terms of online users? The US? The UK? Germany? Actually, try China, in first place with 369 million online users, followed by the U.S. (253 million), then India (133 million), Japan (104 million) and Brazil (91 million). And, as Zia Daniell Widger of Forrester Research stressed in the Retail’s BIG Show session “Global eCommerce 2012” this morning, these are active online users. Global online retail hasn’t remotely hit its full potential yet – by 2015, Forrester expects online retail sales to be coming from all of these markets (and many more), driven by compound annual growth rates (CAGR) ranging from 22% in China and 18% in Brazil, to 20% in Mexico and fully 53% in India (compared with 9% for the U.S. and 10% for Western Europe).” Read Full Article >

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“China soon-to-be next e-commerce superpower”

“A new report from the Boston Consulting Group reveals that within the next five years online shoppers in China will spend twice what they do today averaging $980 per year by 2015. That’s just $20 under what American online shoppers currently spend.” Read Full Article >

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“China’s e-commerce market could top U.S. by 2015″

“China’s online shopping market could reach 2 trillion RMB, or $315 billion, by 2015, which would surpass the United States’, according to research by Boston Consulting Group. The study found that within five years, most of today’s online shoppers in China will spend about $940 a year, twice what they spend today and close to the average of $1,000 in the U.S., which is currently the world’s largest e-commerce market.” Read Full Article >

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