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“Google’s paid clicks rise 20% in the first quarter”

“Cost per click fell 4% compared with the same quarter a year ago and the fourth quarter of 2012, Google announced today. The search engine’s revenue was up 31% from the first quarter of 2012 to nearly $14 billion and profits rose 16% to $3.35 billion.” Read Full Article >

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“U.S. e-commerce to grow 13% in 2013″

“A new Forrester projection says that online shoppers in the U.S. will spend $262 billion this year, thanks in large part to mobile commerce and investment by chains in e-retail. In Western Europe, meanwhile, e-commerce is set to increase 14% this year.” Read Full Article >

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“Tablet traffic surpasses smartphone traffic for the first time”

“8% of global web traffic stems from tablets, according to the Adobe Dig­i­tal Index, which ana­lyzed more than 100 bil­lion vis­its in February to more than 1,000 web ­sites worldwide. This marks the first time, according to Adobe, that traffic from tablets surpassed traffic from smartphones, which accounted for 7% of global web traffic.” Read Full Article >

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“7% of online transactions in Africa are fraudulent”

“Africa had the highest online fraud rate in 2012 when compared to other continents, according to fraud prevention technology provider iovation Inc. The vendor analyzed billions of online transactions processed through its ReputationManager 360 device reputation and fraud prevention service to identify geographic trends.” Read Full Article >

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“Russian ecommerce is reaching a tipping point”

“It’s been a long time coming. So far Russia has been a Cinderella market for both ecommerce and the Internet economy more generally, lagging far behind the US and playing catch-up with Europe. But plenty of evidence suggests that this is changing – and changing quickly.” Read Full Article >

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“Nielsen Aims to Gauge Online TV Viewing”

“Nielsen Holdings is taking a step towards extending its TV-ratings business to measure online viewing, aiming to gauge how much viewership has drifted away from traditional TV to online outlets.” Read Full Article >

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“ComScore Says 5.3 Trillion Ads Shown In 2012, But 3 In 10 Are Never Seen”

“comScore just released its Digital Future In Focus report for 2013, offering a broad swath of data in areas like social networking, search and mobile. But the most interesting finding, at least to me, involved display advertising — that 5.3 trillion impressions were served in the United States, but three in 10 are never actually rendered in-view.” Read Full Article >

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“Amex Launches Pay By Tweet, Turns Purchases Into Adverts”

“American Express has extended its Twitter sync feature to enable customers who have synced their Amex account information with Twitter to also pay for certain products by tweeting purchase hashtags.” Read Full Article >

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“Mobile Plays Big During Super Bowl, Major Spikes In Product Search”

“On Super Bowl XLVII Sunday, tablets and smartphones were the second screen of choice, particularly for women, while men seemed to gravitate toward social networks.” Read Full Article >

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“Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Plans To Sell 3.2M Company Shares Over The Next Year, 42% Of His Stake In Google”

“Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt, the company today reported in an SEC filing, plans to sell about 3.2 million of the Class A common stock he currently owns through a stock trading plan, which would reduce his share in the company by about 42 percent. At Google’s current stock price, this transaction would be worth about $2.5 billion.” Read Full Article >

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