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“Twitter and Facebook Wield Little Influence on TV Watching”

“Listen to executives at Twitter and Facebook talk about how we watch television and you might walk away thinking that Americans are chattering nonstop on the social networks while watching their favorite shows.” Read Full Article >

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“Retailers must have tablet-first Web experiences in post-PC world”

“While tablet-driven sales were strong during the 2013 holiday shopping season, they could have been even higher if it were not for the fact that retailers continue to underinvest in tablet strategies, particularly when it comes to device-specific Web sites.” Read Full Article >

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“Mobile hits 40% of online shopper traffic in a December that cemented mobile’s role in retail”

“We all knew it was going to be a mobile Christmas, but the latest monthly data on mobile traffic from Affiliate Window shows that, on average across December, mobile retail traffic averaged around 31% of online traffic – with some spectacular peaks of 39.35% on Boxing day and 37.3% on Christmas day.” Read Full Article >

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“Japan now outspends US on apps, according to study”

“As smartphones finally begin to boom in Japan, so does the cash spent on apps. According to App Annie, the country has overtaken the U.S. as the top grossing country in overall app spending in both the iTunes App Store and Google Play this year.” Read Full Article >

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“Tablet Shipments to Beat PCs This Holiday Season”

“Last holiday season was disappointing for PC sales. The market was let down by the failure of Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform, and market watchers have partially blamed the rising tablet market for slow PC sales. Now, for the first time every, tablet shipments are forecasted to beat PC shipments in this year’s fourth quarter.” Read Full Article >

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“Nearly one-third of online conversions come from mobile devices”

“Consumers using mobile devices to make purchases, or to take a step toward purchasing, now account for 31% of total web conversions, a new study from AOL and the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Sciences finds.” Read Full Article >

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